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2Checkout.com, Inc. (2CO) is the authorized reseller for over 1.6 million tangible or digital products and services.
Established in 1999 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, 2CO provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands of business customers around the world. 2CO’s proprietary technology supports back-office functions including financial reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, affiliate tracking, customer service and sales tracking.

[Settings in the TomatoCart admin panel]

1. In the TomatoCart admin, click Start and under Modules select Payment Modules.
2. For 2Checkout click the install icon and then click the edit icon.
3. For Enable 2Checkout Payments select True.
4. Under 2Checkout Seller ID, enter your 2Checkout account number.
5. Under 2Checkout Secret Word, enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered on your 2Checkout Site Management page.)
6. For Demo Mode select False for live sales or True if you are testing with a demo sales.
7. For Order Status select something other than default such as Processing or Paid.

8. Save your changes. 

[2Checkout Settings:]

1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account.
2. Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory.
3. Under Direct Return select Header Redirect.
4. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered in your Tomato Cart admin.

5. Click Save Changes. 

Manual Installation

After extracting the add-on package, copy the files located in the directory to your installation directory on the server. The files must be copied in the correct directory structure as extracted from the downloaded package.

The file listing is as follows:

[The following files are used to integrate 2checkout payment module. ]


[The following files are used to fix the bugs existed in the checkout process. ]


When the files have been copied to their appropriate locations, the payment module will be available in the Administration Panel -> Start Menu -> Modules -> Payment Modules listing where it can be installed.