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PrestaShop allows flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with major carriers. Provide customers reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages. Control logistics such as, fees, weight, shipping restrictions and more from the PrestaShop back-office.

Shipping Discounts

A customer is always pleased to get free shipping. You can set multiple incentives on shipping fees such as, offering a % or a fix amount off shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Customers will order without hesitation. You can also offer shipping discounts according to the destination or weight.

Fees by Price or Weight

You can set up your shipping fees according to the price or the weight of the products so the fees are calculated exactly the way you want. For each carrier you work with, you can set different prices and weight ranges, so you always offer the best shipping rates to customers.

Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses

PrestaShop allows your customers to give 2 different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send items as gifts.

Integrate with USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post

PrestaShop comes with a numerous shipping carrier modules ready to use in a few simple steps. Install and configure them with your account. Your customers can choose their preferred carrier based on experience, price, or destination. Pricing is automatically calculated for customers based on weight and destination.

Unlimited Carriers and Destinations

You can install as many carriers as you want on your PrestaShop storefront. Destinations are also unlimited, you can set as many zones as you need to satisfy your customers and sell around the world!