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PrestaShop is integrated with numerous payment options and business owners can install a desired payment option with one-click. Ensure payment is received and customers are comfortable providing their information.

Payment via credit card, check, wire transfer and more (unlimited)

Every country has its own payment preference, that’s why PrestaShop is open to a variety of payment methods. PrestaShop comes with many modules embedded in each free download. You can also choose payment modules from the PrestaShop Addons store.

Tax automatically configured by country, state, and counties

Taxes can be complicated which is why PrestaShop ensures it’s easy for merchants to configure the proper taxes. PrestaShop sets tax rules and guidelines according to your country. Living in the United States? PrestaShop handles calculating sales tax. For stores in Canada, PrestaShop configures Federal and Provincial taxes.

Payment Filtered by Currency

PrestaShop allows you to minimize your transaction fees by selecting the payment modules you want to suggest for each currency. Since each country has its own preference for payment, your customers will enjoy using a payment mean they already know and trust.

Integrated with Authorize.Net

PrestaShop comes integrated with Authorize.Net. In only a few clicks you can accept payments through the #1 North-American Internet payment gateway. Just enter your Authorize.Net account info into the module and begin accepting payments.

Set Prices According to Segmented Groups

With PrestaShop you can create customer groups and offer them different pricing. For example, you can decide to offer 20% off on all prices for customers living in the U.S. Customize the pricing and groups according to your preferences.

Cart Promotions Rules

Manage your cart’s pricing rules easily, with an ergonomic interface for any merchant. With PrestaShop v1.5, merchants can offer discounts on items in your customers’ cart. This is a convenient way to make promotions stand out to your customers (For example, buy two items get one free, etc…)

Catalog Promotions Rules

Marketing campaigns can often be difficult to create. But with PrestaShop v1.5, promoting products in your catalog has never been easier. Every merchant can now select and establish specific rules for all items in one’s catalog. For example, you can decide when to start and stop individual product discounts. This will help you generate more income, increase conversion rates and manage old inventory.

Make or Edit an Order through Back Office

The editing commands in Back Office have been optimized and relaxed. You will be able to modify shopping carts or products already ordered. Now you’ll also be able to place orders from the Back Office, which allows you to help customers make purchases on your site (e.g. when they contact you by phone).