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MiaShops offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our Shopping Cart
Hosting Plans. If you are not satisfied with MiaShops Basic Cart
before the end of 30 days after you sign up then you may request a
refund of your hosting fees. We do not offer a money back guarantee
on the MiaShops WordPress or Joomla Hosting Plans at this time. The
Money Back Guarantee offered by MiaShops does not apply to domain
name registration fees. If you cancel within your 30 days then your
domain name can still be used with a different plan or you are free
to transfer it to another domain registrar or hosting company.
Please us the MiaShops Basic Cart monthly plan if you are just
“trying” out the system. Refunds on hosting do not apply to annual
payments, only monthly MiaShops Basic Cart plans are eligible for a
refund. if you decide you are happy with your new MiaShops Basic
Cart Store Plan and would like to upgrade to an annual plan we will
credit you the difference that you paid during the monthly sign up,
it’s that easy.