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The MiaShops affiliate program is one of the most
lucrative of its kind
. MiaShops allows our
affiliates to earn a substantial income from home with a percentage
commission program PLUS a residual commission program for our
shopping cart and CMS hosting plans! So you earn money on your
hosting referrals FOR LIFE!  We also offer a bonus incentive
program for our top performers. Please read the description below of
the affiliate commission amounts that you will earn on each eligible
MiaShops product or service. <a

href=”https://miashops.com/clientarea/register/”>Sign Up Here
For a MiaShops Account.


With our affiliate program your potential is unlimited you can earn
an easy part-time income from home or even a full-time income from
your efforts. All it takes is signing up for our affiliate program
and doing some online (or offline) promotion to start making money

MiaShops pays our affiliates monthly. We pay our affiliates using
PayPal so there is no waiting to cash a check! We can also pay you
by Google Checkout or Moneybookers if you prefer, just let us know
before your first payout.

You will be paid monthly once your commissions reach just $25.00
in your affiliate account. You are paid for every sign up that you
have received that is over 45 days old. (We offer a 30 day money
back guarantee on many of our services, so you must wait until
this 30 day threshold has passed before you can receive your

Easy Sign Up Instructions

href=”https://miashops.com/clientarea/register/”> Sign Up Here
For a MiaShops Account. (If you are a current client skip
to next step)

(Be sure to use your PayPal email address when you sign up so
you get paid on time!)

2. Log in to your MiaShops account.

3. Select the affiliate’s link in your

4. Select activate affiliate program.

5. Now you will see your unique affiliate code
and affiliate banners and buttons.

6. Use your affiliate code to make your own
links or banners or Use the banners and buttons we have provided
to advertise MiaShops.

You can log into your account anytime and check your commission
balance and sign up stats by clicking the affiliate link.
MiaShops will automatically send you an affiliate report of your
earnings on the first of each month.


banners and links on blogs, use in your email signature,
advertise on message boards or other relevant websites, use
pay per click advertising, tell your friends and family,
advertise on free classified websites and local papers,. The
possibilities are endless for advertising MiaShops! MiaShops
is perfect for Work at home moms (WAHMS), work at home dads,
anyone looking to start a drop ship business, non-profit
organizations, local stores, crafters, Ebay sellers and anyone
else looking to sell their items online and start making a
real living from home.

If you would like us to create a special banner or button just
for your website or advertising campaign we can do that! Just
contact us.

**IMPORTANT** Please do not send
email spam! You are free to advertise to your opt-in list but
do not send random spam or post spam in forums. Any complaints
of this will result in investigation by MiaShops and possible
termination of your account.

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