Tomato Cart

Tomato Cart

TomatoCart is Open Source.

TomatoCart is open source ecommerce solution developed and
maintained by a number of 64,000+ users from 50+ countries and
regions. It’s distributed under the terms of the <a
href=””>GNU General Public
License (or “GPL”), free to download and share. The
community, including project founders and other developers, are
supposed to work together on the platform of TomatoCart,
contributing features, technical support and services.

TomatoCart is User Friendly.

TomatoCart is implemented with ExtJS RIA framework. The web
desktop application mimics the user experience of a desktop
Operating System, offering features and applications similar to a
PC environment so that users can easily start work. Meanwhile,
multi-task is supported by multi-window operation, enabling users
to work with several modules such as products, customers and
orders at the same time. It offers significant usability
improvements and makes interacting with web interfaces faster and
more efficient.

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