Client Account Management

Client Account Management

Customer satisfaction is key to keeping customers loyal and
increasing sales all year around. Provide customers with an easy
check-out through their own personal account and tailor messages to
their needs.

Complete Customer Account

Every registered user can create his or her own customer account,
complete with custom shipping preferences, multiple billing
addresses, and the ability to track existing orders.

Ability to Send Messages via his/her Personal Account

Through their customer account, every user has a direct line of
communication with the store owner in order to send messages
regarding orders, payment, shipping or anything else related to the

Return Management

If a customer decides to return merchandise purchased through the
site, PrestaShop’s RMA system will allow both the merchant and the
customer to handle returns quickly and easily with step-by-step
status updates.

Business to Business

PrestaShop v1.5 now houses a new B2B interface that makes the buying
and selling of goods and services between businesses simple and
effective. With this new feature, you can keep track of all your B2B
sales in an effort to manage every aspect of your online business.

Centralized after Sales Service

The integrated customer service feature has been greatly improved to
centralize all of your messages from different sources. You will no
longer struggle to find a message through multiple areas of your
shop and email. Now they will all be combined into a single tab.