The New Era – Mom Friendly Work From Home Businesses

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The New Era – Mom Friendly Work From Home Businesses

May 3, 2015 - 8:23 am

The world of eCommerce has ushered in a number of prominent changes to the way our society today operates. Now virtual consumers can order their groceries, shop local boutiques and even order glasses right from the comfort of their own home. However, for many busy working moms, the development of the e-commerce market has also ushered in new home business opportunities.

eCommerce has brought about countless new opportunities for work from home businesses for moms that have the creative juices and business savvy to open their very own stores. Online boutiques and Etsy marketplace-based stores have exploded in popularity over the past few years, bringing about new opportunities for moms who want to bring in their own income while still maintaining their number one priority: running their family.

Moms who are interested in running a business from their home, while having the opportunity to look after their children, will find there are several emerging trends in the online business model that showcase the unique opportunities that exist for moms who want to craft their own online business.These craft-centered businesses are about more than just knitting socks and sweaters. Many have found success creating custom wall work, monogrammed jewelry, personalized coasters, bedazzled pet collars, organic cloth baby diapers and everything in between.

Businesses such as this succeed because moms are able to bring their work with them wherever they go. From the carpool, to the airport, many moms are able to complete their crafts on-the-go. The production side of these craft-based businesses adheres to the needs of many working moms, as does the web-based nature of these home-friendly companies. These companies require little overhead and provide the opportunity for a flexible schedule. There are limited upfront costs, no expensive storefronts and no need for moms to be out of the home and at the office away from their children.

Work from home businesses for moms come in all different shapes and sizes and countless new inspired ideas are keeping this business trend going. In fact, many creative mothers have been able to take advantage of the booming wedding industry. From custom invitations and paper goods to specialized wedding favors, jeweled headbands and homemade wedding veils, there are countless work at home businesses that have developed as a result of the demands of today’s growing wedding industry.

Many of these companies are doing more than just bringing in extra grocery money, they are thriving businesses that are actually helping many moms make more money than they could at traditional 9-5 jobs. Stories have covered home-based custom rubber stamps businesses pulling in tends of thousands of dollars a month, while another famed report of a stay-at-home mother’s online knitting and headband business reveals this Etsy company pulls in nearly $1 million a year.

Handbags, infinity scarves, throw pillows, pet beds, party accessories and bow ties; the list of different items that working moms are making and selling online only grows by the day. Plus, with the influx of social media in today’s society, moms who run these work from home businesses are now able to do all of their promotion and marketing right online. While we have already seen the growing number of small online boutiques popping up all over the internet, as this business trend continues to grow, it is clear that it is only beginning of an explosive new movement in the eCommerce world.

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