eCommerce Website Development Is More Affordable Than You Think

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Website Development Is More Affordable Than You Think

May 3, 2015 - 8:47 am

The Basics of eCommerce Website Development: Why Opening Your Own Online Business Is More Affordable Than You Think

In today’s web-centered world, many have heard of the numerous success stories surrounding some of today’s thriving online retail businesses. There is no arguing that there is a potential to make money with eCommerce businesses, but it requires more than just making a quick website and throwing up a few items for sale. This is a big venture, and one that can pay off for many who approach opening one of these online companies in the right way.

If you are considering opening one of these online storefronts, you may be surprised to find that while this type of business venture does require adequate thought and preparation, it doesn’t require a great deal of overhead or cost. In fact, with a basic understanding of eCommerce website development, those with the right idea and limited funding can easily start and run their own online business.

The first decision many make when opening their own eCommerce business is the platform in which they will run their company. The online marketplace known as Etsy has recently become a popular starting place for many growing online businesses. As an aspiring entrepreneur looking to operate a home-based eCommerce business, it is important to consider this robust marketplace as an option.

Etsy does comes with their own set fees. There is a listing fee of $0.20 USD when an item is published, a 3.5% transaction fee on sold items and optional shipping label fees. However, for many the biggest question is whether or not they should simply run a business solely on Etsy, or if they should open their own platform on a separate website.

The good news is, you don’t really have to choose one or the other. In fact, many successful online businesses have an Etsy site as well as their own traditional online storefront. If you do choose to incorporate Etsy into your eCommerce website development plan, it is important that your traditional site and your Etsy platform are as intertwined as possible. Link your website to your Etsy page, to your website and vice-a-versa; the interconnectedness of your two platforms is essential.

When it comes to getting an actual, new eCommerce website off the ground finding the right platform is paramount. In the world of electronic consumerism the website is king, so it is important to take the platform decision seriously.

Their are countless options available today, including hosted options such as Shopify and Volusion that tend to come with higher monthly fees, and non-hosted options such as Magento and WooCommerce, that require you to find your own hosting. Among these commonly used frameworks include WordPress, a low-cost un-hosted option that has been used by countless online shops and traditional website, both large and small.

With WordPress, users can easily choose a theme for their site and start crafting a budget-friendly platform that meets their needs and their aesthetic preferences. When combined with the OpenCart shopping cart software, which seamlessly integrates with WordPress, it takes only minutes to develop a custom, highly-functional eCommerce storefront. Together, the combination of WordPress and the OpenCart shopping cart software present a minimal investment and low monthly fees, which make it manageable to start and maintain an web-based eCommerce company.

When it comes to choosing the different options available as part of your eCommerce website development efforts, it is essential to adequately research every tool and platform you consider. Pay close attention to the framework and shopping cart software of your new eCommerce business, and see first hand what the fruits of your efforts, and just a little bit of overhead can truly deliver.

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