Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Reporting is key to tracking and optimizing performance. Merchants
must monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand what
efforts are working and which have room for improvement.

Track Visitors

Find out what your visitors are looking for and where they come
from. PrestaShop provides powerful statistical data that allows you
to identify customer profiles, track visited pages, categories, and

View Customer Profiles

Tracking your site’s traffic is great; knowing who your customers
are is even better! Understand demographics to tailor messages
toward their preferences. View their age, gender, favorite products,
and more.

Track Orders and Sales

Track all orders and overall sales directly from your back-office.
View what day you passed sales goals and which days were not
performing well. Follow your store’s sales performance and monitor
promotions from your back office. PrestaShop makes it easy to keep
track of your success.

Catalog Statistics

Track your customers’ favorite products thanks to PrestaShop’s
advanced catalog data. You can also view statistics on how your
content is performing. Observe how your products are resonating for
customers, including the quality of photos. In one click you can
check out your best sellers and top categories

Affiliate Statistics

Where do your visitors come from? Who are your best referrals? Check
out your traffic origin at a glance thanks to detailed charts in
PrestaShop’s statistics tab. This helps you to follow day after day
who is sending the most traffic and optimize your efforts